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Edition #623  Friday, November 25, 2016

A Guest Newsletter Courtesy of my Niece, Karen Vandergaag

This edition of Fox Tales on Stamps consists of some very spectacular photographs from a very well written and informative blog posting by my niece, Karen Vandergaag. Presently in Tanzania, her career path has already enabled her to embark upon an impressive number of adventures and projects, both local and international. Karen Vandergaag, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Honours student at the Kelowna campus, is one of only 12 young adults across Canada to be awarded an International Youth Fellowship by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC). To get a bit of background information on how Karen has ended up in her present position, both geographically and professionally, go to this Okanagan College News article:

Ruaha National Park = Safari extraordinaire

Ruaha National Park = Safari extraordinaire

by Karen Vandergaag

I had a few lovely visitors over the last few weeks! My Mom and Dad, and friends Jean and Tim were here in Dar and travelling around Tanzania. They have now officially seen more of Tanzania than I have, but I'll get caught up over the next few months.

The second weekend my visitors were here, I took a few days off work and joined them on safari in Ruaha National Park. I took a 1.5 hour flight from Dar to Iringa, in a plane that holds about 8 people total.

There, I met up with my parents, and we headed to the park the next day. I've been on a few short safaris before, but Ruaha had so much more variety and intimacy with the animals. I could write about all the things that I saw, but I'm sure you are really just interested in the pictures, so I'll cut right to them.

A happy black-backed jackal

just a typical impala

Warthog, waterbuck and impala

A little dik-dik- Yes, that's what it is called, and yes, it is adorable and about 1 foot tall

A wee giraffe

A not-so-wee giraffe

Sunset on day 1

Not-so-wild beasts
(note from Beverly: My brother Doug and his wife Tami, with Karen in the middle)

Guinea fowl

Hey, it's a Kudu

The safari crew

Buffalo with birds pecking its back wound. Very nice of them to keep the maggots out

A pile of hyrax on a rock

Small road-crossing tortoise

Hippo yawn. We had hippos in our camp the first night fighting, they have a terrifying roar.


This big guy was pretty close, almost too close for my long lens to fit him in the frame!

A couple more dik-diks. They have the cutest little twitchy noses.

This stork seemed to think sitting like this was normal. Looks strange, but then we saw others doing it. I suppose it must be a nice break from standing

Giraffe and Baobab. I think that the baobab is my favourite type of African tree. We even tried its fruit, which tasted like sour tart candies, and felt like eating dissolvable styrofoam.

The Agama lizard has a pretty fancy paint job!

But this guy's hairdo tops it all off.

Small hyrax peeking out of a log

Just a pair of Zebra

Thanks for making it past all those pictures! Now, if you're thinking "where are the lions and leopards?" you'll have to bear with me. I thought that 24 pictures was enough for one post, and I'll do a separate one on the cats in the next few days.

Thinking of you all here as the weather gets hotter. 32 degrees most days, and this morning we had enough rain to flood many of the streets before I went to work.

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