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Edition #626  Friday, February 10, 2017

811 Princess Ave, Victoria BC

Well, we've made the big move to our new digs on Princess Avenue in Victoria. Here I am in the front office waiting for the Telus techs who are coming to install our new phone system.

A bit more progress. Dustin and I are settling in and setting up computers, printers and phones, squeezing in a few stamp evaluations as time permits. Once the setup is complete, we'll be operating on all philatelic cylinders.

Another Princess Avenue first. Andrew cooked a chicken dinner with rice and green beans.

As you can surmise the ability for Andrew, myself and our employees to eat healthily and inexpensively is a priority at Weeda Stamps. We even have the ability to cook "take away" dinner meals during the day for later consumption at home.

Part of our business model is to provide a useful reference library and computer access to our collector customer base. While we are a "by appointment" operation, we feel it's important to provide useful resources to the philatelic public.

The kitchen, philatelic library and computer work station are all part of what we call the flex space.

Two of the offices adjoining the flex space are occupied by Firmin Wyndels, our favourite postal history dealer and by ourselves.

A chronic problem faced by many stamp dealers is lack of organized storage space. This is a common problem affecting material both owned outright and consigned and can create massive bottlenecks. One of the main reasons we purchased the warehouse was to avoid this particular problem and thus better serve our clients.

Here's Rob Scrimgeour, comfortably ensconced at his desk. Rob has the nicest adding machine in the office. Some of you may be acquainted with his father, Gray Scrimgeour. Gray is a well-known postal historian who has been studying Western Canadian Postal History for forty-seven years, specializing in trans-Pacific steamship mail and early Vancouver mail.

Rob and his family dropped by last Saturday on their way to a Victoria Royals Hockey game (811 Princess is one block from the Save-On Foods Memorial Arena). In the centre are Rob and his wife Colette with their two children James and Graham. Colette's brother Paul (at left) and their family friend Tony (at right) bookend this group of WHL hockey fans. The Royals won, defeating the Calgary Hitmen 4-1.

Canada Post Kiosk Stamps

You may have heard on CBC Radio a short piece on the experimental Canada Post kiosk stamp program which is presently operating in Vancouver, Edmonton and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Over the past two months we have travelled numerous times to Vancouver to acquire quantities of these for our clients. These trips more often than not included some degree of frustration.

As with any new technology or program, teething troubles are to be expected. Delicate software and mechanical issues on more than one occasion combined to plague us. Happily the Canada Post employees and management were more than happy to assist us and satisfactorily remedy any shortcomings.

Here's a photo of the touchscreen, keypad and credit card/debit card readers. The kiosk produces both parcel labels and four different denominations of computer generated self-adhesives. Go to this CBC story where Andrew and Frank von Hausen were interviewed.

Snow in Victoria

As residents of southern British Columbia and Victoria in particular, snow is a rarely encountered element of our winters. This year has been a bit of an exception with significant amounts accumulating in the region over the past few weeks. Here are a few shots taken from our home.

Response to our EXPO67 Newsletter

Peter Engbers: "Thanks for posting the pictures of the centennial stamps and postcards. I started collecting in '67 when my dad brought home an envelope from work with a UN stamp commemorating Canada's centennial. We had the opportunity to see the Centennial Caravan when it came to our village in rural Ontario and I also remember seeing the 67-X, a special edition of the Oldsmobile Toronado."

Horst Kahlmeier: "This was truly a magical innocent period of time in our young lives. I was 16 and unfortunately didn't make it to Expo. I had to spend my school holiday working in a factory making car seats made of real springs. It was certainly the topic of much joy for all Canadians. I do not have any personal photos unfortunately‚ but a few souvenirs perhaps somewhere. I have a nearly complete collection of all of the different city centennial symbol machine cancellations although only on cut squares mostly with some covers."

Peter Fraser: "Although there are no photos from Expo 67, I certainly have great memories of the event. It was my first major trip outside the world I had been living in. Thru friends of my mother I took the train to Montreal and stayed in Ville D'Anjou spending 4 days at the fair. Life changing!"

Ede Wolk: "1967 and Expo 67 issues bring back fond memories of being a 16 yr old boy with an immense curious nature having the best of the world on display in his hometown. On the first day of Expo I had my Expo passport/ season ticket stolen. Pickpockets were rampant on the site. Sadly my parents would not provide me the money to purchase a replacement yet happily my downstairs neighbor worked in the evenings at Expo as part of the cleaning crew and let me use his employee pass which had no photograph attached so now my days at Expo was in the guise of a somewhat older Greek person named Steve Hadzipetros!

"My good fortune would continue…my sister found me a job working at one of the many souvenir shops. Now I could return to my original identity. One of the perks was that anyone who worked onsite was given priority entrance to the pavilions and believe me there were some long queues! One of the most popular pavilions was the Czech…the Laterna Magika show was a huge sensation! The USA and USSR pavilions were also very popular. I recall a story as the workers were setting up the pavilions. There was a parrot on display at the Ethiopian pavilion and in the course of setting up the display the workers taught the parrot to say many local curse words. When this was discovered by the officials the poor parrot was exiled!

"Another big hit was La Ronde…the amusement park….great fun!

"Another favourite pavilion for me was Mexico. I enjoyed hearing the mariachi band that played on its terrace each day. I was there so often you can see me on the printed postcard. That's me in the lower right hand corner, in profile with my left hand touching my chin…or eating something???

"The old French pavilion is one of the few remaining structures on the Expo site. It now houses the Casino de Montreal. The other being the USA pavilion which is now the Biosphere, a museum dedicated to the environment. Most of the pavilions after Expo were donated to the City of Montreal. The USSR pavilion was dismantled in reassembled in Moscow.

"In the summer of 1968 the city decided to make the site a semi-permanent fixture including the participation of many of the exhibiting countries. Now re branded as Terre des Hommes/Man and His World it continued to be an exhibition site until 1981. Most of the buildings having outlived their lifespan were demolished and now it's a park."

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Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

We received ten correct answers to our last stamp identification quiz. That means a $10.00 donation to Salvation Army.

Here's the portion of the stamp we asked you to identify

Here's the answer - Canada #620, the 1973 8c Royal Visit issue.

The Salvation Army Quiz

We show you a minute portion of the design of a postage stamp. You have to determine which stamp it is. Send us an email with your answer.

We hold a contest almost every newsletter. For every correct answer we will donate $1.00 to our favourite charity, the Salvation Army. Click here to go to the The Salvation Army International Home Page to see what services they offer to communities around the world.

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