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Edition #627  Friday, March 10, 2017

811 Princess Avenue Open House

Now that we felt more or less settled in our new digs at 811 Princess we decided it was time to have an Open House.

This past Wednesday, March 8th, we opened our doors to the philatelic public, family and friends. Numerous club members, customers and aquaintances dropped by for home baked goods, coffee and tea.

Don Shorting, Firmin Wyndels and Tom Watkins - three of the local philatelic "usual suspects" kibbitzed in the kitchen area.

Dustin, in charge of our mailing department and a significant amount of our IT, spent time chatting with Phil Brown, our CIBC banker.

From left to right, Robin Clarke, Victoria local and collector of all things Hong Kong; Andrew's mom, Frances, all the way from Montreal; Ken Hegler, who made it down from Arbutus Ridge, risking the dreaded Malahat; then me. On the right is Mike Sagar, one of Canada's leading experts on postal stationery, MOON and MOTO cancels, who travelled from Vancouver for the occasion.

Lily, Frances, Lorna and me. Lily and Lorna volunteer with us at Our Place Society.

Rick Fleet, expert on BC Revenues with Frances, Firmin Wyndels and Robin Clarke.


Consequent to our EXPO'67 reminiscences our accountant Laurel decided to share her stash with us. She brought it down to our offices a couple of weeks ago and laid it out on the table.

Laurel had carefully archived everything, from passes to pamphlets to papers.

As you can see, the scope of her Centennial/EXPO hoard is pretty remarkable. Laurel wins the EXPO souvenir contest hands down. Congratulations!

APS Stamp Show in Reno, Nevada

Andrew and Jonathan recently travelled to Reno for an APS Stamp Show. Not quite as glamourous as some might imagine, attending stamp shows far from home sometimes involves squinting into the early morning sun while downing yesterday's cold corned beef hash for breakfast.

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Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

We received eight correct answers to our last stamp identification quiz. That means a $8.00 donation to Salvation Army.

Here's the portion of the stamp we asked you to identify

Here's the answer - Canada #1693, the $5.00 Moose issued in 2003.

The Salvation Army Quiz

We show you a minute portion of the design of a postage stamp. You have to determine which stamp it is. Send us an email with your answer.

We hold a contest almost every newsletter. For every correct answer we will donate $1.00 to our favourite charity, the Salvation Army. Click here to go to the The Salvation Army International Home Page to see what services they offer to communities around the world.

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