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Edition #630  Friday, May 12, 2017

What's New at the Weeda Stamps Warehouse

Now we're firmly established in an organized manner in our new office/warehouse we are beginning to implement our long term goals. We have acquired new high tech equipment for use by both ourselves and local collectors. With these new digital additions we hope to both encourage and enhance the collecting hobby. Here's Andrew at our new Optelec™ Optimax + desktop video magnifying unit. This state of the art wonder magnifies to 50X, in full colour, high contrast black and white and reverse high contrast black and white. A fully mobile platform reduces the need for any manipulation of the stamps themselves once in the viewer. The finest details of stamps and cancels can now be examined without having to peer into a small diameter traditional style loupe.

One of Rob Scrimgeour's new duties is operating the digital photography copy stand. As customers, you'll be seeing an increased number of high resolution photographs of larger lots and collections on our bidboard, on our eBay site and in our Dutch Auction. The copy stand was generously donated to us by Gray Scrimgeour. Rob has already spent numerous hours on this piece of equipment and is much happier to work with colour balanced LED bulbs rather than the old-school high temperature tungstens.

Our newest employee, Dustin Lacosse, has been instrumental in helping increase the quality and quantity of scans at Weeda Stamps as well as helping integrate and network our various computer systems.

Some of the larger unsorted lots that come in can now be purchased outright at our location. What we don't have time to sort works to your benefit. Real value pricing is the norm for anything found in this cabinet.

This is our flex space at the end of a typical working day. Andrew's son, Malcolm, dropped by for a quick bite before he and Andrew head off to their slo-pitch softball game (Andrew's the grizzled first baseman, Malcolm is the fleet of foot centre fielder and wildly aggressive base runner). The flex space has proved to be a very popular area for both visitors and employees. The full kitchen allows Andrew to cook healthy and varied staff meals on a near daily basis. The size of the space has already allowed us to cater a meal for all the stamp dealers (and their guests) attending the VICTOPICAL stamp show held last March in Victoria.

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We also have an eBay auction site and store:
Please note our eBay site is presently on vacation while Jonathan tours the distilleries of Scotland. Both he and our eBay site will be back up and running towards the end of May.

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Your Feedback and Suggestions are Valued

While the Weeda Bidboard on our website is often praised for its functionality and simple intuitive structure, it is over ten years old. We will, over the next several months, be improving the functionality, efficiency and the scope of our Weeda website. We value your opinion and have always benefitted from constructive comments. Over the years I have kept notes on all the suggestions I've received and a good number will be implemented. Please don't hesitate to send us emails with any suggestions you might have to make the Weeda experience more satisfactory.

Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

We received six correct answers to our last stamp identification quiz. That means a $6.00 donation to Salvation Army.

Here's the portion of the stamp we asked you to identify

Here's the answer - Canada #828, the 17c Saskatchewan Flag issued in 1979.

The Salvation Army Quiz

We show you a minute portion of the design of a postage stamp. You have to determine which stamp it is. Send us an email with your answer.

We hold a contest almost every newsletter. For every correct answer we will donate $1.00 to our favourite charity, the Salvation Army. Click here to go to the The Salvation Army International Home Page to see what services they offer to communities around the world.

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